Apple is launching yet another feature with the new update that rolls out later this year. Apple presented iOS 14 to be the new update at the WWDC event. This operating system allows its own browser Safari to access without login passwords. Instead, the company said Face ID or Touch ID can be the alternatives to login to websites through Safari.

The browser’s beta release notes were showcased on how the functionality works using video at WWDC, for the developers. The company said it has built the WebAuthn component using FIDO2 standard which is developed by the FIDO Alliance. Apple has developed this new functionality using Touch ID or Face ID to suffice the ease of access to any website.

An API that uses Web Authentication makes web logins simpler and more secure. This also restricts the guessing passwords that are likely to make them vulnerable to phishing attacks. The security methods like biometrics or hardware security keys in the form of Touch ID or Face ID do verify the identity perfectly and allow access to the websites.


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