Amazon Alexa app will work with slight improvements while you need not tap the blue button to enable voice commands on iOS and Android. However, this improvement works only when the app is launched and opened continuously on your phone.

Amazon has co-branded “Alexa-Built In” smartphones that allows you to use Alexa as your phone’s voice assistant. Amazon partners with Android manufacturers like Motorola, OnePlus enhances Alexa with just your voice.

The iphone users may use Siri to launch the Alexa app. Just say Hey Siri, and then guide the app by speaking out ‘open the Alexa app.’ Later unlock your iPhone, and give Alexa the voice commands to do things. Also Face ID works as a better unlock feature without touching your iPhone, however your phone should have the Face ID feature.

People have been witnessing hands-free voice commands to be easier while multitasking. So as part of this hands-free functionality, Alexa was successful in implementation since last year. Besides, Music App from Amazon also had a hands-free mode since 2017.


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