Actually announced to launch this year, Analogue’s Pocket handheld is now delayed to next year. With the current situation of slower economies round the world, it is expected to be released in May 2021. However, the pre-orders will be open from 3rd August at 11AM ET. This sleek and modern handheld device is designed to play all old Game Boy cartridges.

The company announced that some slight design changes would be in place for the existing design. The modifications for the handheld will witness the start, select, and home buttons to have been moved to the bottom. Also, the optional dock will determine changes for the USB-C insertion point that has been recessed for added stability.

Besides, some new accessories are included. A fast charger, clear plastic hard case, and cartridge adaptors allow more games to be played such as Neo Geo Pocket Color, Game Gear, and Atari Lynx. The Analogue Pocket handheld will be available for $199.99; while you need to spend $99 for purchasing the optional dock that lets you play games on your TV.


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