Apple says it’s trying to implement technology to the watches to detect measurement of blood oxygen levels in the human body; through a new iOS 14 update. Yet, there’s no official announcement on date that the update rolls out to the market.

Apple users who have been well familiar with fitness features such as detection of irregular heartbeats on their watches, may soon witness more advanced features. The new update is however expected to deliver amazing features.

According to a report released recently, there’s a hint that the new feature was spotted in iOS 14 code snippets. Furthermore, the report says that the devices collaborate with the heart rate monitoring application to understand the blood oxygen levels in the body.

Recollecting back, Apple has introduced a superior heart rate monitor on Watch Series 4 along with the features of electrocardiogram. So, it’s expected that we find this pretty much a possibility of an update allowing finding blood oxygen levels on the Apple 6 watch series.

Apple, however, will not be the first company to offer blood oxygen measuring feature on its wristwear. Fitbit earlier this year added the feature via the SpO2 sensor on its Charge 3, Ionic, Versa, Versa Lite, or Versa 2 smartwatches.

The blood oxygen levels between 95-100% are considered safe, in medical terms. If there’s a drop below 80%, it may affect heart and brain functionality. It’s hereby noticeable that cardiac arrest or respiratory problems are quite common due to the low blood oxygen levels. Considering how Apple Watch has functioned for heart beat monitoring, it could alert users when there’s a sudden drop in blood oxygen levels.


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