The beauty delivery app bgX is now providing its services into local delivery of pharmacy healthcare and wellness products. People can avail this service of remote access to essential health-care products in less than an hour, especially for those with emergency. The main purpose of delivering pharmacy products is to reduce the risk of COVID infection, particularly the contact between patients or consumers and pharmacy staff.

bgX app is popularly known to deliver beauty products and provide services. Their seamless efforts are now into health-care essentials delivery so as to help people to overcome covid-19 outbreak. This service with the bgX founders own interest shows how well they are committed to the worst situations and get the help going along with the leading local pharmacies.

Working of bgX App

The app showcases different products related to pain management, hygiene and protection products. The supplies are also related to different alcohol sanitisers, protective gloves, masks, immune support and wellness supplements, thermometers skincare, eye care, hair care, allergy relief, inhalers, and other diagnostic devices.

People can avail different products required and with the help of this app, users can browse local pharmacies within a five mile radius. The talks related to delivery of Covid antibody home testing kits by bgX app is under way.

Various partner logistic companies around the UK are providing services to deliver these pharmacy products as they are ordered through the bgX platform. This delivery of pharmacy products is similar to how Uber Eats and Deliveroo use bikes, motorbikes, and sometimes cars, but instead of take-away food.


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