Google has previously launched Google Fi for new subscribers last month, and especially for those with eSIM on selected models of iPhone such as iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and iPhone 11 series.

Now the company is rolling out the feature of Google Fi for all the existing customers to access on iOS platform, and is exclusive on the models with eSIM option. Installation of the Google Fi iOS app permits to start using it.  All the iphone models starting from XS to the new upcoming iPhone 2020 SE model includes Dual SIM functionality, and allows Google Fi access.

The release notes on Google Fi iOS update reads that the users can activate Google Fi via eSIM, and on select iPhone devices. Some Google Fi users uninstalled their Google Fi app and followed the instructions stated on the Google Fi website. With the instructions mentioned, users were asked to add a cellular plan to their iPhone and get the eSIM working.


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