After the start of a messy anti-government movement in the US, Facebook is taking measures to block accounts that are anticipating violence across the country. This tech giant is recognizing several networks of accounts that are creating panic to the general public with the boogaloo movement.

The network of accounts is actively planning violence, said the company. So Facebook is removing accounts over fears that are expected for leading real-world violence. The firm has removed 220 Facebook accounts, 95 Instagram accounts, 28 Facebook pages, and 106 Facebook groups on 30 June (Tuesday) afternoon alone.

Adding to the removal of accounts, Facebook also removed more than 400 other groups and 100 other pages related to hosting similar content. Under Facebook’s policy, the boogaloo network will fall in Dangerous Individuals and Organizations act. This offensive movement has figured more scrutiny in the past few weeks after a series of violent incidents linked to the followers.


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