The tech giant has recently introduced a dark mode feature for desktop interface. Now Facebook is planning to introduce dark mode to mobile users. With rigorous testing of this feature on mobiles, the company might soon launch it for the global public.

A spokesperson said that the mobile version of the dark mode on Facebook was introduced last month for desktop. This is “meant to cut down on glare,” particularly in low-light environments, he said. However, the timeline of the feature on mobiles globally is not yet finalized.

Also, it is a bit surprising that the tech giant has laid this feature after a comparative delay in time for a mobile dark mode. The competitors such as WhatsApp, and Instagram apps have dark mode already. Additionally Facebook Messenger also has this dark mode feature already.

This feature allows users to change the background color of an app window to black. This in particular has reasons like making apps view easier, less straining, and most importantly to save the battery life.


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