Users searching with a term boogaloo can now have limitations over it. Facebook started limiting the spread of boogaloo pages and groups, this word is a slang term used on the internet by far-right extremist circles. The term also refers to the idea of an impending second American Civil War.

Boogaloo broke out to be a disjointed anti-government movement by various groups and turned out to show conflicting views. Facebook on boogaloo pages have no recommendations now and are demoting all the search results.

Facebook has updated its Violence and Incitement policy on May 1st to ban boogaloo and terms related to the same, along with statements and images portraying armed violence. The FBI arrested three men on June 4th in Nevada. They were identified in Las Vegas with the boogaloo movement on terrorism related violence.

There have been increasing self-described boogaloo members who are promoting anti-government demonstrations. Also many of such members involving gun rights advocates have been protesting against racism and police brutality.


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