Facebook has been growing with different features and updates. A new video chat feature called the Messenger Rooms by Facebook is now available on both mobile and desktop. Everyone can witness the feature, said the company.

This is an updated version for the existing Facebook Messenger’s video calling function. It allows up to 50 people to chat on video at a time. Adding to it, there is no time limit through the Facebook app or Messenger app.

Furthermore, limits can be set. You can allow members to join or limit them and make it public to anyone. You can provide the link even if people don’t have a Facebook account. The continuation of older versions with one-on-one calls, video chats, group calls, and group video chats on Messenger are still available on the updated version too.

However when you tap over the option of “People” on Messenger, you can create a room. You may proceed to select any option such as “hanging out” or “happy hour,” as you enter the room. You can customize the text with other words when you are in the room.


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