Google is introducing a lot of new tools to its list of technology developments. Currents which will be made available from 6 July is the replacement for Google Plus. This new technological tool will allow companies to engage with its employees and have discussions.

Google Plus which was introduced in 2019 worked as a social network, but the low usage led Google to shut down the tool. However an enterprise version of Google Plus for G Suite users is still available. So such enterprise users can now use Currents starting from the next month.

Currents has an interface including a home stream. So the lists of items are in a chronological order or by relevance. The home screen also allows sharing of images, links, polls, content, and text from Google Drive accounts.

All the company admins can have access to content moderation features. And the admins will be able to track engagement of posts across the platform, and target certain employees with custom streams.


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