An Advanced Protection Program is taken over by Google for its Nest devices. The company is giving added security to its smart home devices.

The users with a Google account had access to either the Advanced Protection Program or for Nest individually at different times. Now the company allows the same Google account at once for both with its new development of features.

Google has developed the Advanced Protection Program for people at risk of targeted attacks online. The possibility of attacks is likely on business leaders, activists, politicians, and journalists.

The Advanced Protection Program requires security keys including a password to access the user’s account. This program restricts most outside access to a Google account, also blocks unknown apps and fraudulent attempts to access an account.

Gmail, Google Drive, Chrome, G Suite, Google Cloud, and Android also have some Advanced Protection features. Google has released various new security features to Nest earlier this year that include a two-factor authentication and now comes a much more advanced feature.


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