The video calling feature has been gaining a strong customer base since the start of lockdown around the world. Google Duo is setting up a new feature of invite links to make video call setup easier and faster. Like the way Zoom works with its dedicated conferencing setup, Google is now making things better with call options to its users.

Google Duo has a reputation with its mobile-friendly access and is consumer-centric. Video conferencing has been much into use compared to the past, this allows various platforms to use an advanced digital setup to lay route for proper use. So this is gaining strength to develop technology in a better way and Google Duo is one such platform under advancement.

Good Duo has recently made the call quality improvements that support new AV1 codec. Also, Duo now supports up to 12 people on a single call. Google established the Meet calls option for free to its users at the end of April. This is to provide a more powerful web-based option for videoconferencing on a laptop or desktop.


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