The sales of midrange Pixel 3A and 3A XL phones from Google are discounted. However few retailers are still making the phones available for the users. It’s tougher if you’re looking for a specific size and color in this series. Also, the company hasn’t put forth a replacement for this series, with the 4A and 4A XL (expected names of the new series).

Previously, the 3A was discounted with the maximum discount of $100, that made the price to $299 then and that continues even now. On the other hand, the $160 price cut for 3A XL in the past has made it available at $319 and that still goes on.

Pixel 3A availability

Amazon is providing Pixel 3A in all 3 colors- purple, white, and black. An Amazon owned affiliate, Woot is selling the 64GB version at $335. Best Buy is offering the same model at $400 on the unlocked version or $300 if locked to a particular carrier (irrespective of color). Back Market is selling the 3A in black color for $270, on a refurbished phone (with a one-year warranty).

Pixel 3A XL availability

Best Buy is selling Pixel 3A XL in black for a full cost of $480. Amazon is providing black colored model at $380 which is sold through Woot. Back Market is offering refurbished versions of the Pixel 3A XL in “mint” condition for $310 (with a one-year warranty).

Getting into the highlighting feature of 3A, it has a great camera. In particular, the camera is good enough compared to the phones in this price range. The snapshots are far better to its previous model of Pixel 3 flagship released in 2018. Also, the Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL work with every US carrier.


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