Imou has recently developed a security camera that works with Artificial Internet of Things (AIoT). Ranger IQ which is known to be the award winning camera by Imou combines the latest AI and motion tracking technology. This works with a hyper mobile camera system and has an easy-to-use app. It comes at a comparatively cheaper price and provides premium security when the other range of devices is considered.

Features of Ranger IQ

The design is sleek and spherical. It has a flexibility of rotating 355 degrees and tilt 90 degrees. It can perform all through the day and night and ensures every corner of the room is covered. Internet access is the only criteria to be met, you can access the footage in full-HD. Ranger IQ is compatible with Android and iOS-compatibility and in addition, the videos can be stored on cloud with a 1080p resolution.

Users can access clear images even in low light conditions with the Sony Starlight sensor embedded in it. The advanced AI human detection software is helpful in focusing and recognizing humans. The Ranger IQ can also track a target while live streaming and recording simultaneously. This can be a great advantage when a suspect is moving around. It has the capability of distinguishing humans and animals.

It can be connected to motion detectors, sirens and door sensors using airfly technology developed by Imou. So, you need not worry when some stranger is walking by and an unusual activity is taking place, as Ranger IQ notes your daily habits and notifies the new happenings.

It also detects abnormal sounds via its built-in siren by adding few other convenient features. The users receive alerts on their smartphone if Radar IQ hears different noises such as a baby crying or breaking glass. These alerts let the users to have an eye on what’s going at home, even if away.


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