Apple brings up new products each year including iPhones, and iPads. Similar to its launch of products and updates every year, users might see iOS14 with a new augmented reality app this year. This update helps the devices to read Apple-branded QR codes and might include new features into the Find My app.

Gobi might be the name of the new AR app. It could be able to read traditional-looking QR codes as well as new circular QR codes design. The files developed in the form of code in the app could use location data for claiming claim discounts at certain stores by the customers. And new sound and vibration cues might be available on the Find My app to identify devices easily.

The sound designs might vary on the proximity. The sounds when you get closer to the device might be quite different as that of the sounds that you go distant. The varying sounds help in finding the devices more easily than the early features. iOS 14 might also include a new home screen view, a Pencil Kit API, and a new fitness app.


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