Like the way technology giants have been bringing updates to their respective platforms, Twitter has also recently made a new update to its iOS users. The company added a new feature that allows it to identify the number of people who retweeted a tweet and added a comment.

Twitter’s new feature organizes all the retweets with comments that are displayed to identify easily. For such identification, tap on a tweet and then tap on the word Retweets. This further allocates the difference with retweets broken out into two columns. The first list has the comments on the retweets (quote tweets) and another list of retweets with no comments.

The feature of seeing quote tweets was previously available, but this happened only when you copy and paste a tweet’s URL into Twitter’s search box. But currently the new feature makes it much easier to see retweets with comments at one place on iOS devices. The company said the new feature would be available in the coming weeks on Android and web applications.


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