With the news rolling out about the switching off servers for the social robot Jibo, the company owners also made no clue on the next step. However, the new company made an announcement over a year ago on purchasing the rights of Jibo, as it attracted them with its functionality.

The social robot in March 2019 went viral on Twitter, when it performed a jaunty dance speaking to the owners, “The servers out there that let me do what I do will be turned off soon.” The thoughts of many people turned out on its expiry after such comments.

The announcement on Jibo earlier this year made the owners much positive on its functioning. NTT Disruption is the company that bought Jibo. It has also launched a new website describing a future for the robot in health care and education.

Also, the owners spoke that Jibo’s gave them wonderful experiences at homes and it’s lovely to see them back with a rebirth. The new rights and patents promoted Jibo’s to carry operations into care giving and education. They are also helpful in business operations after the re-iteration.


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