Britain has a growing number in usage of smart speakers. There are 1 in five people using these devices in the UK. However Welsh was one of the languages not supported by Alexa. The Amazon device Alexa faced severe challenges in understanding few languages, while Welsh language has been adopted on to the smart device after Mobile Cloud has made efforts in the development.

Y Pod has provided the content to test Alexa with proper accuracy in Welsh language. After all the efforts made to determine the smart system delivering the right ways of implementation in Welsh, the Swansea based Mobile Cloud has a keen step forward in achievement. Y Pod is a cymru service that brings Welsh podcasts together. Y Pod offers over 70 podcasts and is known to be the best service for everyone.

So finally Amazon Alexa has now the ability to understand Welsh language. This makes the people communicate in their native language with this smart device that helps in letting you know the internet-based information.


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