The new technology of alarm is set on Netatmo’s new outdoor camera. This Netatmo camera notifies the owners with a siren when strangers enter the house. The new version has almost the same features compared to its older outdoor camera models, except the alarm that stands to be the highlight.

The Netatmo outdoor camera has built-in 105dB siren that scare off any intruders, while the owners receive an alert on Netatmo app once a new person or vehicle comes into the premises. However this artificial device cannot recognize the person to be a stranger or someone who is well-known to you. So the app allows you to set urgent notifications.

Also there is an option of setting alert-zones in particular; the camera focuses on those areas where you cannot be watchful so the device alerts something strange happening. It features a 1080p wide-angle lens camera with infrared night vision. It also comprises a floodlight that’s automatically triggered when someone is outside the house.


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