The Global Software provider Uberall has recently developed a product for free named Uberall Essential that helps fight against coronavirus crisis. All the healthcare providers have been witnessing several administrative enquiries from patients. The product helps in providing knowledge with all the queries to be answered, that too in lesser time frames.

With the pandemic hitting the world hugely, government guidelines and advice are changing rapidly. However with Uberall Essential, affected facilities can inform their patients about new opening times, special policies, and means of contact and assistance as they develop. This tool helps in managing the large volume of enquiries and visitors, and in turn reduces the effect.

There are many medical facilities that are efficiently addressing the concerns of unsettled patients during the coronavirus outbreak. But with the changing conditions daily, the information carried to the public is unclear. The queries need to be updated including whether it’s possible to visit a facility and when, consultation hours, and where drive-through test centres are located.

Uberall Essential has all this information with the newly developed product that specifically addresses this problem. This tool developed for healthcare providers manages information centrally. Users browsing apps such as Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, and others can find the information with this product as they search.

This tool enables medical institutions to provide detailed and current information online, and requires very little effort to implement. The solution allows healthcare providers with all the information appearing on 125+ online platforms worldwide, especially for the public to access local searches.

Uberall Essential is thus a time saver and efficient enough to answer all the enquiries in the health sector. The major advantage of using this tool at this point of time is it’s developed for free of charge to medical providers. The efforts and strategic partners that Uberall has tied up showcase fruitful results in overcoming the coronavirus pandemic and thanks for such a product.


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