Encrypted messaging app Signal known to be an encrypted messaging app is coming up with a new tool. Signal said it is bringing a new face-blurring tool that works on the latest versions of Android and iOS. The tool works in a way to quickly blur faces while sharing images that allow your face unidentified.

The key to privacy through the tool remains uninterrupted while the actual message is clearly revealed to the receiver without sharing your identity. There have been incidents like the killing of George Floyd by law enforcement against racism. So as the protests take place, platforms like Signal can be helpful to use end-to-end encryption for making messages that are harder to intercept.

Going into detail of the new tool, Signal uses the snapshots to select Blur option and automatically detects any faces it spots in the images. In case of any missed out faces that actually appear, they can be later manually blurred. Additionally any particular area of the image can also be blurred to make it private to the sender. However to unveil the identity back, there are many other tools that bring back the actual image.


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