Oculus is wrapping up its sales of Oculus Go virtual reality headset while concentrating to increase its new Oculus Quest headset with advanced software. The company said sales of its current stock for Oculus Go firmware will run through as it ends up, while it doesn’t manufacture or sell anymore further.

However the Go headsets might be available for purchase until at least 2022 and accepts new apps through December 2020. Adding a new Quest app distribution might be in place in the meanwhile to encourage more developers to work with the headset. This Facebook-owned company said it gained positive response hugely for introduction to the Quest.

Oculus Quest features the same all-in-one format that exists on Go, but tracks full spatial (or 6DoF) motion, not just head orientation. A highly curated app selection is aimed with Oculus after it launched the Quest, to provide new VR users a consistent experience. The new VR system allows developers to share their apps to anyone.


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