The Netgear Wi-Fi 6 Orbi mesh router is the second model Orbi series. This is made available at comparatively better price to that of its high-end model released last fall. Wi-Fi 6 Orbi mesh router is named as RBK752, and the high-end model called the RBK852 offers the same features. RBK752 and RBK852 can be purchased at $450 and $700 respectively.

Both these models in the Orbi 2 series are introduced as midrange models with a slightly decreased performance at comparatively decreased price. This new series is still a fairly capable mesh system although it’s cheaper.

The RBK752 is a tri-band system that has a radio dedicated to serving as a wireless link between the units. Also it offers four user-facing streams of connectivity with a theoretical maximum speed of 4.2Gbps. Alongside, RBK852 provides eight streams and 6Gbps speed.

The Orbi system is best known for its reliability and performance. However the drawbacks exist with it like the mesh nodes are significantly larger than those from Eero and Nest. Apart from this dis-advantage, Orbi has a great reputation.


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