The Apple users can now be safeguarded with the important Google Drive files. Users of iPhone and iPad now witness a new Privacy Screen feature for accessing Google Drive as the update was launched yesterday.

In general the Apple iPhone and iPad users unlock their devices using Face ID or Touch ID authentication. However now the similar feature is rolled out for protection of Google Drive access and prohibits others to open the app on your device.

Privacy Screen activation can be implemented immediately as soon as you quit or switch to another app. However the Face ID or Touch ID screen will appear back when you return to Drive. The privacy screen is also visible each time when delaying it to open back within 10 seconds, one minute, and 10 minutes respectively.

Privacy Screen is customizable on iPhones and iPads. The users can switch on and off with the privacy settings as and when needed. This on and off applicability reflects on other apps individually and can be set according to the user preferences.


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