The robot called Moxie developed by Embodied is the new teacher with AI intelligence for your kids at home. Moxie teaches the kids ranging between six to nine years. Although it costs $1,500, and a $60 monthly subscription after the first year; it’s worth enough to learn skills.

It is designed to teach cognitive, emotional, and social learning. In turn Moxie learns from kids experiences, the words they speak, chat, and new life skills that they inculcate. Parents are given access to control Moxie using a parent app, which allows parents to limit Moxie’s usage for their kids.

Embodied founder Paolo Pirjanian stated that Moxie can be an exception for privacy and security issues, and parents can be the controllers of data. Moxie has four microphones in its head and a camera is located on the front.

Fast Company has run through a check with Embodied’s design for Moxie and also announced that this technology teacher for kids would be released some time during the fall, this year.


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