The new class of HC3 appliances is designed to improve database analytics and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) installations. Scale Computing has launched the new techniques in virtualization, edge computing, and hyper converged solutions with the new series of HC3250DF that the company developed.

The HC3250DF is capable of faster storage and networking options along with more CPU. The series is developed to meet the needs of performance computing for both the enterprise and the SMB. It is designed in a way to use easily, brings a high amount of density, speed, and density. HC3 series has the power to enable VDI.

The Scale Computing HC3250DF is easier to install, manage, and scale out the operations. The functioning is too different to that of the complex infrastructure solutions to control SAN storage infrastructure. HC3250DF has an NVMe storage architecture that can run with manual configuration and consumes less RAM and that too with virtual machines.


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