Signal known for encrypted messaging have laid a new way of data transfer. Signal app now allows transferring all the account data to a new iPhone including conversation history. This facility is also available for transferring data from an existing iPad device to a new iOS device.

Signal has released this new update last week but has officially announced it on a blog recently. This app’s version 3.9.1 is clearly detailed on how the process works. The sources of the company also reveal that this is the first time there’s data transfer on iOS devices without any loss of information.

The new attempt of update would be a success as the parameters of convenience and security are perfectly balanced. The data transfer takes place as scanned with QR code. The new device generates that particular QR code and the old device scans it. This is how the security between both devices is nurtured while both the devices sync with a local connection. It might be a direct Wi-Fi connection or else via Bluetooth.


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