Slack which is the work management tool, is working with Amazon to compete with its rival Microsoft. Slack and Amazon are mutually sharing platforms on a multi-year agreement. So this denotes Amazon employees would be using Slack, but out of 840,000 the total number using slack is not confirmed yet.

On the other hand Slack would enjoy the benefits of using voice and video calling features with Amazon’s chime platform. Also Amazon Web Services & Cloud Services would be of great use to Sleek as it expands working on it. But the entire mutual contract comes after Microsoft Teams has gained huge reputation in usage by its customers, and Sleek wants to overtake it.

Usage of Amazon Chime for Slack on its voice and video calls is going to be a major deal to track down its competitors. Also Slack has been using AWS for a better functionality of its chat app and now gets its hands on using Amazon Cloud Services. Cloud Services can be advantageous for storage, database, compute, analytics, security, machine learning, and upcoming collaboration features.


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