Vlogging has been a growing attempt by many who love promoting their activities. While few women across different nations are showcasing cooking skills, many short film makers are prone to reduce budget on technological aspects. So vlogging cameras are a lot to see the future, despite their limited manufacturing for the time being.

Sony ZV-1 that costs $800 is something that brings in vlogging activity much better. It can be a perfect choice for a full-blown media company.  There’s definitely a real difference when you shot scenes on a professional mirrorless vlogging camera compared to a smartphone. Sony has developed this beauty by modifying its RX100, to improve vlogging experience.

It has very advanced video features with compatibility of carrying wherever you want by just placing in the pockets. It can also capture regular photos during the desired period. With just an upgrade of RX100 VII, a few vlogger-specific features are added by mixing in the lens from an RX100 V. Buy the branded Sony ZV-1 that brings in the true value of vlogging.


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