The tech giants Google and Microsoft have worked together for improvement of spell-check in their respective platforms Chrome and Edge. Users can now find built-in Windows Spell-Check features on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, as they update to the latest versions.

Hunspell was an open source implementation for the spell-check previously. Both the technology companies Google and Microsoft have triggered better support for URLs, email addresses, acronyms, and an improved shared custom dictionary to their user platforms.

The collaboration between Google and Microsoft in this chromium project has a lot of benefits in learning spell-check errors and rectifies them. Users who are unable to see the new spell-check support in Chrome need to enable a flag. This enabling of flag activates spell-check feature right away once you restart the browser.

Microsoft has previously helped Google to improve tab management in Chrome, and now both the companies are mutual beneficiaries in working together for the spell-check project.


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