A supercomputer developed by the Japanese is now at the top of the list in the biannual Top500 supercomputer speed rankings. This is named as Fugaku and is co-developed by Riken and Fujitsu. In this supercomputer, Fujitsu has implemented a 48-core A64FX system-on-chip for the best performance.

The specialty of ARM-based technology in supercomputers is the highlight and stands to be the first such computer in the list of speed rankings. Fugaku competes with its rival IBM and stated its position in a Top500 HPL result of 415.5 petaflops. Fugaku also topped in other rankings that test computers on different workloads, including HPL-AI, Graph 500, and HPCG.

The heavy competition in the technology of supercomputers always lies between the US and China. This is the first time a Japan company ranked first on the Top500 in the last nine years. However a Japan-based firm named Riken’s K computer made its place in the Top500 supercomputers list previously.


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