Samsung has been manufacturing various electronics for a long time now. In particular, Televisions have gained a good reputation from the brand. Now, it decided to step forward in introducing outdoor TV while keeping its regular Television manufacturing them in parallel. Samsung named the new outdoor television as Terrace.

The Terrace comes with IP55 water and dust resistant features. This new model gives the flexibility with a brightness of 2000 nits to watch even under direct sunlight falling on it. Getting into the details of cost, the 55-inch model is $3,455, 65-inch display is $4,999, and the 75-inch is $6,499.

The Terrace has a sleek design and a depth of 59 millimeters. Although with its thin nature, this amazing TV can withstand dust. The screen matches the quality to an upper-end regular QLED TV. It has a built-in HDBaseT receiver. It comprises extended quantum dot color, and an antireflective coating along with ambient mode tricks.


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