With the formula of DoItYourself (DIY), Raspberry Pi has introduced a new camera that’s so affordable for many photographic enthusiasts. This has an intensive 12-megapixel lens and also allows the users to replace whenever necessary, at the ease of DIY. The lens is designed to be a Sony IMX477 sensor with 1.55-micron pixels.

The previous versions of sensors by Raspberry Pi cameras were comparatively lower in resolution and were based on fixed-focus lenses. The adjustable back focus for this high quality camera supports interchangeable C- and CS-mount lenses.

C-mount adapter is on-boarded although the box contains Cs-mount with the high quality camera from Raspberry Pi. This indicates that the wide variety of lenses can be applied across other third-party products. Raspberry Pi owners have also been using camera modules for projects ranging from home security systems to DIY drone setups.


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