Tinder that has been growing its platform for chat is now testing its new interactive video feature. The testing with live trivia by Tinder is now in use by a set of its users and would deliver the way it practically works as likely people interact with each other over the video feature. The company expects its views would be positive as people would turn up on its functionality.

The tests may not be for an indefinite time frame and many such tests with live chats and gaming action would be in process, said the company. Swipe Night was the first digital shared experience that the company tested and it plans to bring more such activities to Tinder in the future. But series such as Swipe Night might not turn out permanently to the users as they are just for a trial, the company stated.

Tinder has slowly introduced video as well as interactive experiences. GIFs with Swipe Night were the initially introduced application series by the company.


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