The list of the world’s top 10 tech companies with all the details are through this blog. This list comprises many American firms that have been gaining super power in technology.

Also, find the geographic location and market values of each company as you go on:

1. Apple

Headquarters- United States; Market value- $1.16 trillion USD

Apple stands on the top of the list as it gains a huge demand around the world. The mobile communications and media devices are now augmented by a steady stream of revenue from third-party digital content and applications and cloud services. 

2. Microsoft

Headquarters- United States; Market value- $1.10 trillion USD

Microsoft has migrated towards monthly payment plans for use of its ubiquitous Office software and greatly developed its cloud services business. Although it had generated business with the help of top tech companies initially, it later entered the market to show its mark greatly.

The hardware business with some success on its Surface line of laptops, is now marketed alongside the many brands that use the Microsoft Windows operating system.

3. Samsung

Headquarters- South Korea; Market value- 347.78 trillion KRW ($298.68 billion USD)

After its inception in 1969, Samsung Electronics has paved a strong way in sales and services of consumer electronics. It runs three divisions- consumer electronics, information technology, and mobile communications and device solutions.

4. Alphabet

Headquarters- United States; Market value- $878.48 billion USD

The well known search engine company Google, has brought up its own new company name d Alphabet, Inc in Oct. 2015. Alphabet owns all of Google’s side projects, such as life-extension company Calico, innovative technology developer Google X, high-speed internet provider Fiber, and Google’s smart home project Nest.

5. Intel

Headquarters- United States; Market value- $245.82 billion USD

Intel Corporation, a maker of semiconductor chips, competes well with its rival Samsung to stand in the list of top 10 tech companies. The reputed X86 series of microprocessors is widely used in most personal computers. 

6. IBM

Headquarters- United States; Market value- $120.03 billion USD

It was founded in 1880’s and started manufacturing a patented “computing scale.” The company has tied up with China’s Lenovo in 2005 to sell its best-known business line, personal computers. IBM still makes business hardware and software. It has invested heavily in consulting, hosting, and cloud services businesses.

7. Facebook

Headquarters- United States; Market value- $552.39 billion USD

This well-known social media platform has a monthly average of 2.27 billion active users, and founded in February 2004. It’s global growth has been massive with acquisitions and might continue with the same strategy.

8. Tencent Holdings

Headquarters- China; Market value- $3.02 trillion USD

Tencent Holdings, a Chinese conglomerate, provides technology products and internet-related services. It is one of the world’s largest gaming companies and among its largest venture capital outfits. Tencent is known for its web portal and instant messaging services in China.

9. Hon Hai Precision

Headquarters- Taiwan; Market cap- 1.18 trillion TWD ($38.72 billion USD)

This Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturer is also known in the US as Foxconn Technology Group. It includes American customers, such as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon for its manufacturing services. It is the biggest assembler of iPhones.

10. Oracle

Headquarters- United States; Market value- $180.54 billion USD

Oracle Corporation that specializes in database management systems, is a computer hardware and software developer based in California. This technology company has its investments in the future of cloud computing for business. It also provides services such as financing, training, and consulting.

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