The Ultimate Ears HyperBoom Bluetooth speaker has all the high tech specs and is one of the advanced gadgets of 2020. It costs $399 and comes with great sound quality. The features including elegant design, near-360-degree sound delivery, and long-lasting battery life stand to be the highlights.

The HyperBoom Bluetooth speaker is bigger in size and has high power compared to its previous versions. This speaker’s measurements are somewhat similar to the The HyperBoom approximately match Xbox Series X measurements. HyperBoom is about 2.5 inches in height and 1.5 inches in thickness.

It has a clad in plastic and LEDs and seems to be a powerful PA system. So the Ultimate Ears new speaker has an awesome look and is powerful too. The design is a bit similar to other audio systems such as Apple HomePod, Amazon Echo Studio, and Google Home Max. However its identity is self-reliant with the performance.


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