There’s an amazing development by the tech giant Apple, announced at the WWDC 2020 event. The company announced that you can add a digital car key to iPhone or Apple Watch. This allows wirelessly unlocking and starting your car. However this feature comes into act with the newly revealed iOS 14 that will roll out later this year for the users.

This feature of unlocking will work over NFC, Apple said. The company added that the BMW 5 Series that comes out next month will be the first car supported with this feature. It also tested and said that it’s working on an industry-wide standard. Furthermore, instead of relying solely on NFC, the functionality uses its new U1 ultra wideband chip.

The working is so simple. The NFC reader that’s attached to a car part pairs your iPhone or Apple watch when both come closer. The closeness allows it to work as a digital car key, and users find it easy to access this feature. Also, this feature is said to work on older iOS 13.


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