While the WWDC forum reveals that it starts the events starting from today, here are some expected features at WWDC events. The events start from 01:00PM (EST). And there are few expectations related to Apples features that get rumored every year, but possibly not all get released. Let’s see what the expectations this year are.

App Store policies

Apple has faced a 30 percent cut during the last week due to the storm of discontent. So it is expected to change the AppStore policies to reduce the developers’ fear for Apple.

Default apps choice

AppStore doesn’t provide access to all the apps, except for those syncing with its terms. This is understood to be for the protection of users data. However the users expect the customization of apps to get defaulted, at least to a certain extent. So there might be an ease in terms of usage with apps.

Multi-user support on the iPad

For now, iPads have access to one primary user. This doesn’t mean that you can’t set up another account for your children. But every user can access the files and data that are confidential. So there might be an update to the existing user accounts.


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