Zoom as a videoconferencing platform has been providing its services to users across different nations. But users on Sunday have reported problems in hosting and joining meetings on Zoom. The company’s status page has revealed that the team at Zoom is investigating the causes for the issue and stated that reports have been noted just before 10AM ET, on May 18.

With a limited subset of users facing the issue on Zoom, the company on its status page notified that the issue is resolved. The status message popped up at 11:39AM ET, and states that the users will have no issues in hosting, joining, and participating in the meetings. However there was no specified reason for the cause to occur.

The UK users have first noticed this issue while free accounts have functioned normally. In view of coronavirus breakdown, some churches have started using virtual prayers through Zoom. And Zoom has been witnessing huge numbers in usage due to the on-going pandemic.


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